The tinkering began in garages in San Diego and Israel.

The goal? Make one of civilization’s most valued workhorses – the internal combustion engine – vastly more efficient.

Company co-founders Dr. Oded Tour and his father Hugo Tour, former head of the IAF’s (Israeli Air Force’s) Mechanical Labs, had a keen insight about internal combustion engines (ICEs): knowing that ICEs lose about a third of their energy to cooling, and another third to exhaust, the father and son duo decided to “split” the conventional engine cycle into two distinct “hot and cold” halves. In true entrepreneurial fashion, their first effort essentially “siamesed together” two lawnmower engines. One half handled the cold process (intake and compression) while the other half handled the hot process (combustion and exhaust). And so, Tour Engine’s split-cycle was born

More advanced prototypes and state-of-the-art computer simulations were developed in the months and years that followed. Outside, independent experts predicted that Tour ‘s patented engine design – with its focus on “thermal optimization” – could be 30% more efficient than today’s best ICEs. 

Up to 30% More Efficient in Simulations

Tour Engine Inc. (TEI) is a thriving technology company.

We are diligently focused on perfecting and commercializing an efficient, simple, and green internal combustion engines for the growing distributed generation energy markets.

Tour’s business opportunity – and potential impact on society – is enormous.

The IC engine global market is made up of multiple verticals that are expected to grow from $362B in 2022 to $740B by 2030. With time, some verticals will plateau and decline(ex. private transportation)while other verticals are expected to substantially grow, such as engines for distributed generation. Future engines running on carbon-neutral fuels will enable essential resiliency for the growing distributed generation energy markets.


[2006 – 2022] $16,368,500 – Total funding to date

Date Funding Amount Source
2017 – 2021 $4,820,000 The US Department of Energy ARPA-E’s GENSETS program for distributed generation grant. A total of 4 consecutive plus-up funding
2016 – 2022 $6,300,000 Bridge funding led by Joan and Dr. Irwin Jacobs
2015 $1,000,000 The US Department of Energy ARPA-E’s GENSETS program for distributed generation grant award
2015 $23,500 Technical feasibility project commissioned by BMW
2014 $2,500,000 Series A funding led by Joan and Dr. Irwin Jacobs
2013 $95,000 California EISG Grants
2010 – 2019 $830,000 Israeli DOE grants. A total of 4 grants helped develop the first engine prototypes
2006 – 2014 $800,000 Angel investors. A total of 17 investors at the seed stage

2006 – 2022




Reimagine the future with Tour Engine

Tour is backed by sophisticated technology investors and has won grants from both the US (DOE’s ARPA-E) and Israeli (DOE) governments.  Tour has also been issued 44 patents (US and International) with several more pending.

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