Technology - Overview

Technology Overview FIgureThe Tour engine is a patented split-cycle combustion engine with the potential for substantial efficiency gain as a result of its superior thermal management. It also offers significant reduction in noxious emissions. Notably, compared to hybrid and electric engine technologies that offer improved efficiency but are expensive and complex, the Tour engine is simple as it is based solely on current cylinder/piston technology.

The first prototype was operational in 2008. This prototype smooth and dynamic operation demonstrates the feasibility of the Tour engine cycle. Our second prototype become operational in 2012 and proven to be a useful platform for testing various crossover valves technologies. Our latest (2015) crossover valve mechanism is a technology enabler. It permits an efficient and complete transfer of working fluid between the cold and hot cylinders, and it will be further developed both in Israel and the US during 2016.

The Tour engine splits the conventional 4-stroke cycle between two cylinders: a Cold-Cylinder that hosts the intake and compression strokes, and a Hot-Cylinder that hosts the combustion and exhaust strokes. Splitting the cycle allows flexibility in the design and better thermal management, consequently leading to improved energy utilization.

Overall, the Tour engine presents a cost-effective alternative with a substantial increase in engine efficiency and an opportunity to revolutionize the way combustion engines are built.

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