The company converted two off-the-shelf 4-stroke, single-piston engines (Honda GXV50) into one functional TourEngine™..

Running Prototype

TourEngine™ bench prototype running. The bench prototype operation is very smooth. Notice the rapid increase in RPM response to swift bursts of fuel delivery.


A cross-section drawing of the TourEngine™ design.

Solid Works Design

A timing belt couples the two crankshafts. A gearwheel hydraulic pump is depicted on the left. This gearwheel hydraulic pump is connected via a second belt.


The bench prototype itself from a similar angle.

Data Recordings

Data gathered from two dynamic pressure sensors and a crank-phase-angle sensor during engine operation and testing. One cycle (p-T) is shown as well as the net work output of that same cycle (p-V graph, insert).

Additional information regarding the technology is available upon request following the execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


Prototype II